The Wingman Company was opened in 2010, by its Founder Michael Brabetz. The Company comprises of young creative designers, nutritional scientists and innovators that want to uplift the Wingman Supplement Brand and provide our Wingmen with the best innovative products on the market.

The Wingman team has designed and developed a unique new age effervescent Tri Active Drink, a 3 in 1 formulation drink that not only boosts energy, but enhances the cognitive performance of your brain & boosts your mental performance, while at the same time acts as an anti-fatigue that reduces tiredness and keeps you alert.


The Lab constantly researches & develop new innovative products creating new boundaries for the WINGMAN brand. We have created some of the most powerful nutritional supplement formulations on the market today. The WINGMAN effervescent products selects the best quality ingredients to maintain a high ingredients content in their formulations(3 in 1).

Take a look at our combination of ingredients and formulation and compare it to the competition.


Wingman products are manufactured in a modern technological plant in Poland under the EU GMP standards. We comply with the GMP manufacturing process during the manufacturing of the product.